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Welcome To Point Fosdick Antique Airplane Hangar

A Working Antique Airplane Collection

About Us

Explore the History of Aviation

Welcome to the Juranich Family Flying Antique Airplane Hangar at Tacoma Narrows Airport (KTIW) located in Gig Harbor, Washington.


Bob and Bill Juranich, brothers and flying enthusiasts from a young age, have created a facility dedicated to the history and celebration of civilian aircraft. The Juranich Family’s vision, through their hangar, is to allow the public a chance to take a look into the past at aviation history and these flying pieces of art.


The collaboration of many has brought to life each plane’s story- from its original conception and purpose to its chance at rebirth in the restoration center and finally to its current resting place in the hangar. Whether you prefer a casual stroll through the pristine environment celebrating each airplane’s unique contribution to America’s colorful aviation history or booking an event with the best aviation has to offer, Point Fosdick Antique Airplane Hangar is a must see stop on your aviation to do list.

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