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What We’re All About

Our Mission

Point Fosdick Antique Aircraft Hangar is dedicated to restoring antique airplanes to their original glory and inspiring future generations of aviation enthusiasts. 


A Glimpse Into Our History

Our Roots

The Point Fosdick Antique Airplane Hangar is a culmination of research, experience, and the hard work of many people. Master mechanics and restorers like Bob Johnson, with 40 years of experience, and William Hill, with over 50 years, have made this antique airplane hangar possible. Their dedication and passion to quality workmanship and the pursuit of aviation excellence allows these works of art to grace modern day skies with their presence. This collection has been brought as close to the original appearance as possible allowing the visitor to experience the majesty of each plane as it left the factory.

Bob and Bill Juranich opened the doors at KTIW to educate and inspire the public with their collection of antique airplanes. They hope to ignite a passion in each visitor who comes to experience the aircraft of a bygone era.

Waco progress Aug 2007 054.jpg

Bob Johnson

Chief Master Mechanic

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