Ward Starduster Too

1972 - N2MW

The Starduster Too was developed to be an affordable two seat sport bi-plane.  It is the only experimental aircraft in the Point Fosdick Collection.  The Starduster Too is not certified but is rather a home built airplane with plans coming from Stolp Starduster Corporation Catalog out of Riverside, California.  It was built to fly just for leisure and not intended for aerobatics, but an experienced pilot can perform basic stunts.

Bob Juranich assisted Mahlon Ward, an accomplished pilot who flew well into his 80’s, in the assembly of this airplane.  Two and a half years of work were brought to fruition on May 5th, 1972, when it took its first flight in Chino, California.  Bob acquired this plane in 1995 as a gift from Mahlon. 

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